Ichinen Chemicals new Product Arrival

New Product Arrival to our online store!

New Brand arrived to our store – Ichinen Chemicals.  We have received several requests to add new line of this brilliant brand. After the research and practical check of the product quality our customers can purchase and enjoy it with us!

As usual, if you are looking for something and can’t find, just drop us a line via contact@tsurugi.co.jp and we would do everything possible and impossible to find it for you for the best price!

Some great fact about the Ichinen Chemicals:

Since founding, Ichinen Chemicals has sought to develop products capable of contributing to the environment, reducing energy consumption, and improving people’s lives through the manufacture and sale of products centering on fuel additives, industrial and automotive repair chemicals, and consumer chemicals. Under their management philosophy of valuing customer viewpoints and contributing to a more liable global environment and improved lives for everyone, they are continuing to expand and we will follow them.

Stay on the top of success with us!

Tsurugi Inc. Team


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