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LION NEXT STAGE Sensitive Care Toothpaste x2pcs

Medicated toothpaste
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A medicated toothpaste LION NEXT STAGE Sensitive Care that can provide total care to the roots of teeth that are unprotected due to the lowering of the teeth.

  • Gel paste containing high-concentration fluorine (1450ppm) adheres to and guards the roots of unprotected teeth and prevents even root teeth.
  • Coat to the root of the tooth with a coating prescription

*Contains "enzyme" that decomposes and removes plaque, and "LSS
*That sterilizes causative bacteria and prevents tooth and bad breath.

  • Prevents bleeding pain due to hyperesthesia.
  • Sophisticated and refreshing clear citrus mint flavor.

* Highly viscous gel paste + coating agent PCA
* Lauroyl sarcosine Na

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