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Love Chrome K24GP TSUKI GOLD

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The TSUKI comb is an exclusive design based on 10th century Japanese artifacts, which were carried only by women of the highest class.

Based on inputs from our beauty specialist, we have incorporated a very useful parting blade on one end of the comb, making it much easier to part your hair.

The highest models made with pure gold (24-karat) ensure superb smoothness.

The K24GP series is a superlative process with 24 gold coating to further improve functionality and hygiene.

LOVE CHROME is a hair comb made and developed in Japan using latest technology “JP CHROME-TECH” Smooth surface processing minimizes "contact friction" and ultra-hard processing significantly reduces hair damage.

Cuts up to 70% or more damage compared to normal brushing. In addition, it closes the fine cavities, prevents dirt, and is hygienic. The tip of the spherical blade edge gently protects the background. Pursuing thorough ease of use. The ultra-lightweight design facilitates daily hair care without difficulty. Protects the shine and firmness of hair with daily combing and protects the original shine.

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