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ROHTO Pharmaceutical V5 Eye Drops

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"The power to see" is supported in five elements (retina, ciliary muscle, the crystalline lens, tear, bloodstream) with a thing,
 The function decreases with age. The eating habits that I got of daily balance are important to maintain power to see, but,
 It is recommended to supplement the short thing with a supplement.
 As for the lutein or the zeaxanthin supporting maintenance of the power that "the Rohto V5 grain" works on retina and sees,
 I contain the carefully selected material for eyes. It is recommended for a person worried about the health of eyes forever.

 Lutein, zeaxanthin are included in this article.
 It is reported in lutein, zeaxanthin that I support maintenance of power * to see.
 *"Power to see" is power to distinguish a thing with eyes clearly.

 As a thing showing this article can expect a purpose of the specific health in the responsibility of the company,
 It was told Secretary-General of Consumer Affairs Agency. But unlike a food for specified health use,
 I did not receive individual examination by the Secretary-General of Consumer Affairs Agency.
 The eating habits on the basis of staple food, the main greens, vice-greens the balance of the meal.

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