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Samurai Z1 Glass coating for wheels soft type

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Trial light wheel coating.

Wheel glass coating agent that lasts for 3 years. Excellent water resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, and alkali resistance. Inorganic and organic hybrid technology provides high adhesion to the painted surface and protects against such as European cars. The elongation at the time of lacquering is very good, and the optimum construction time and curing speed are achieved. Has a highly transparent glass film, and forms a beautiful brilliant film with a glossy appearance and excellent film thickness.


Do not use for any other purpose. Use in a well-ventilated place. Be careful not to get it on your clothes as it may cause spots. If it adheres to anything other than an aluminum wheel, such as a tire or body, wipe it off immediately. In order to prevent splashing of liquid and adhesion of dirt, please dry it before driving. After use, tighten the cap and wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

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