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Silky Katanaboy Folding Saw

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655 mm × 105 mm × 30 mm when folded, 1175 mm × 110 mm × 30 mm when used
Blade crossing 500 mm, 5th number/30 mm, cutting width 1.95 mm, weight 950 g

The world's largest folding saw "Katana Boy" 500 mm type

With a very rough mesh, it is possible to cut cedar or cypress from 15 cm to 20 cm in tens of seconds.

Currently, the most cutting edge of the Silky brand, the sharpness that is comparable to the sharpness No1 product chainsaw is very useful at events such as first-class log cutting

The included shoulder bag can be folded and stored after use, which makes it safe to store or carry

The mirror surface is polished and the cut surface is finished very cleanly.

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