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Silky Poket Boy

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Silky Poket Boy

Product Description

Pocket Boy's "Universal" series living in the palm of your hand

Handle with a comfortable grip

Can cut all types of wood from raw wood to timber and control panels
By raising the angle of the blade by one step from the normal angle, you can comfortably perform even the work where the handle is in the way

The handle has a hole for attaching a carabiner, so please attach a carabiner when you need to prevent falling, such as when working in high places.

As long as they are the same size as the Pocket Boy series, they are compatible, so you can freely combine various types of blades.

Adopts no clams, which gives a very clean cut surface with mirror-polished finish

Since it has a special sharpening of our original future eyes, it can smoothly cut vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Hardened steel is further hardened only at the tip of the blade, increasing the wear resistance of the blade edge several times

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