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Pitta Designer Face Mask

Dust/pollen allergies and infection protection!
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Product Details
Brand: Arax
Product Region: Japan
Contents: Set of 3 masks
Handling Time: 1 day

Made of washable polyurethane, the Pitta Designer Face Mask fits snug around the face, keeping it safe from unwanted particles as well as 98% of sunlight's UV radiation. This is a set of three masks, all coming in a fashionable that fits with all kinds of everyday clothing. This means that you can have the protection that has become our new normal, but without having to worry about how you look. Easy to breath through and with wide straps that won't make your ears suffer, this is the last mask you will need!

The Pitta Designer Face Mask features:

  • Set/pack of 3 masks
  • Size: regular
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Sunlight UV filter: approx. 98% / UPF: 50+
  • Washable: maintains filter quality and effectiveness even after 3 washes
  • Winner of a Good Design Award 2019
  • Designed and made in Japan
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