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ROHTO Lycee Contact Eye Drops

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Product Details
Brand: Rohto
Product Region: Japan
Contents: 8ml
Handling Time: 5 Days

For wearing contact lenses: Assist of wearing contact lenses.

Dosage regimen

For instillation of drop : Drop 1 – 3 drops to eye at a time. Use 5 – 6 times a day.

If you wear contact lenses, let the both side of lenses wet with 1– 2 drops at a time before put in.

  • Rohto Lycee Contact Eye Drops is specially designed to use for contact lens wearers.
  • It effectively suppresses discomfort arising out of prolonges wear of hard or soft contact lenses.
  • Contains a keratinous treatment and HEC component that treats dry eyes.
  • Has an easy to use free angle nozzle.
  • Comes in a a cool looking 8ml eye dropper.

Organic Premium Cotton have been made by organic cotton which was grown in the Japanese farm of chemical-free over 3 years.
These cotton have been brought up under strictly free of agrichemical and chemical fertilizer.

Therefore, Organic Premium Cotton is not only safe for human but also earth-friendly product such as not using any chemical for process.

It is no harm for use and its quality if you find some of black or brown particle on/in the cotton.
They came from its seed, leaf and stem.

Recommend for baby and sensitive skin.

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