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ROHTO Pharmaceutical V5 Eye Vitamins

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Brand: Rohto
Product Region: Japan
Handling Time: 5 Days

Vitamins Rohto V5 for maintaining vision and restoration of visual functions.

With prolonged eye strain or with age, visual acuity may decrease. The components of this supplement are aimed at maintaining your vision at the same level! The additive contains natural components: marigold flower extract, omega-3 DHA acid, blueberry extract, grape inflorescence extract, vitamin E. This combination protects and restores the eye retina, normalizes the blood circulation in the eye tissues, improves the function of the cilia eye muscle, and normalizes the secretion lacrimal fluid, improves focusing ability.

Method of application: take one capsule per day (do not chew), drink with water.

The composition of the daily dose:

  • lutein – 10 mg .;
  • zeaxanthin – 2 mg.

Additional components: gelatin, purified fish oil, safrole oil, chicken powder extract, vitamin E, blue honeysuckle juice, blueberry extract, grape inflorescence extract, ginger extract, pigment marigold, glycerin, esters of glycerol and fatty acids, caramel dye, modified starch, thickener, cellulose, antioxidants.

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