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Sante Medical 12 Eye Drops

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Product Details
Brand: Santen
Product Region: Japan
Contents: 12ml
Handling Time: 5 Days

SANTEN Sante Medical 12 Eye Drop 12ml – in the age of advanced information technology there is an increasing number of environments in which the eyes can become overworked. Such environments lead to declined focus-adjustment function and tired eyes (eye fatigue), manifesting as a heavy feeling in the back of the eyes. Sante Medical 12 is an eye drop for treating eye fatigue that contains a precise balance of twelve active ingredients, four of which are at the maximum concentrations, *including vitamin B12 and neostigmine methyl sulfate, which are effective for eye fatigue.

Sante Medical 12 improves declined focus-adjustment function by working on the muscles and parasympathetic nerves responsible for adjusting focus, moisturizes dry eyes, and facilitates tissue metabolism by supplying nutrients to the eyes. This product supports a “healthy eye” life for people suffering eye strain due to the demands of modern society.

Dosage: Instill 1 to 3 drops at a time, 5 to 6 times daily.

Producer: Santen Japan

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