Bonus points Information

Hey guys!

Our team would love to say thank you for each step you make on our web store so we think the point bonus scheme is a great chance to award loyal customers who we think you are!

Here is the simple plan to earn more and to become a VIP costumer with the PERMANENT discounts, gifts and perks.

How to earn

*Welcome Bonus – 100 Points

*For each 1$ you spend you get 1 Point

*Check out our Services – 50 Points

*Subscribe to our mailing list – 100 Points

*Share on Facebook – 50 Points

*Share on Twitter – 50 Points

*Invite a friend! How simple is that? – 200 Points! And your friend will get 10% Discount for the first purchase!

Here is you first 5$ to spent in our shop! Simple! And many more are waiting for you!

How to spend

500 Points – 5$

1000 Points – 10$

1500 Points -15$

2000 Points – 20$

And the most awesome feature, just for the first 50 Loyal Customers who reach 2000 Points we will issue the badge of the Gold Club Member with the permanent 2.5% Discount for any product or service with us. This discount will not affect any other discounts or coupons.

And if you reach 5000 Points you will get Permanent 5% Discount for any product or service with us.

This is just a start of the loyalty program, longer you stay with us, more you get. We are working on more, rare products only special customers can purchase. Stay with us, work with and earn more with us!

Don’t forget, if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our team member.

Kindest Regards

Tsurugi Inc. Team