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AION Plas Senu Sponge


AION Plas Senu Sponge ACT017

PVA Micro Pore Sponge for Coating Car is very safe, durable sponge available for both of car wash with water and with shampoo.

Product introduction

  • It corresponds to both a washing car wash and a shampoo wash, and is an ideal car wash sponge which combines durability and cleaning performance.
  • Because it is quite familiar with water, a thin film of water is formed between the body and the sponge, and the body surface slides smoothly. Besides, it is a soft sponge with fine pores, so wipe off dirt without damaging the body.
  • Because it is a thin type, it fits into the interior of the gap and fine parts, you can wash every corner.
  • Ideal for washing of coated cars.

Material: Polyvinyl Alcohol Sponge
Size: approx. 180x130x25mm
Color: White

Usage notes

1. Please make sure that no pebbles or sandy dust remain.

2. Include plenty of moisture in the sponge and please wash.

3. Although this product will become hard when dry, it will soften when attached to water or lukewarm water.

$4.99 In stock
Product Region:Japan
Contents:Size approx.180x130x25mm
Handling Time:1 day
AION Plas Senu Sponge