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Allergy and Viruses Shut Out Spray Block

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Product introduction

-Block pollen with the power of ions!
Just spray it. Pollen spray to prevent pollen from entering eyes and nose.
-Double power of ion and titanium!
The cationic polymer coats the entire face and repels and adsorbs pollen. At the time of respraying, the activity of the allelic substance (pollen) adsorbed by titanium oxide is suppressed.
※ It does not completely prevent invasion of pollen, yellow sand, PM2.5.
* Sufficient effects may not be obtained depending on usage conditions. (Uneven spray, pollen / yellow sand / PM2.5 excess)
* Based on a pollen inhalation suppression test using an indoor inhalation reproduction device.
* In-house research (testing conducted by an external organization) * Microparticulate matter less than 0.3μm has not been confirmed. * It is more effective to take measures such as wearing a mask in conjunction with the use of this product.
-Prevent intrusion into the eyes!
● Alcohol free
Just spray and coat the entire face. It prevents pollen from entering the eyes as well as the nose.
-Contains water component!
Contains water-absorbing ingredient "Na hyaluronate".
-Can be used over makeup!
A non-gas spray that can be used casually and keeps hands clean. The hands are not stained and there is no worry about makeup collapse.
● Skin allergy tested
* It does not mean that allergy does not occur for everyone.
● For pregnant and children.
● It is not a medicine.

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