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Bellash Injection Care Patch

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Bellash Injection Care Patch

Microneedles inject beauty ingredients directly into the stratum corneum!
Hyaluronic acid, which gives moisture to the skin, is easily penetrated and processed into a needle shape to deliver moisture deep into the stratum corneum, leaving the eyes firm and elastic.
It is recommended as a special care for those who are worried about the eyes and smile lines, those who have insufficient skin firmness, and always care.

■ Size: 4.3cm in width X 8mm in height

How to use
・ After washing your face, prepare your skin with lotion, open the pouch with dry hands, and remove the patch from the transparent case.
・ Be careful not to touch the central micro structure, remove the white protective sheet, and stick the protruding part of the patch directly to the area of concern on your face. At this time, push until the feel of the protrusion disappears.
Please perform normal care except for the area where the sheet is attached.
* Be careful not to have anything with a lot of oil such as cream on the sheet.
・ After taking a rest with the sheet attached, slowly remove the sheet the next morning, and then perform face washing and regular care.

Country of manufacture
Made in Korea

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