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CCI Smart View ONE Glass Coating 120ml

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Style Name: Filling Type 120ml Product introduction

Recommended for those who are committed to "Wednesdays".

The rain started and the visibility was good.
Water flow performance No.1 (Compared with our company).

Drying time is nothing but paint it. Ease of rain, in rain hardly. Wide felt wet at once. Oil film is difficult to attach, snow / frost is hard to freeze.

Usage notes

  • Check the notes on the reverse side.
  • Do not use while being dirty.
  • I am not in the reach of children's hands.
  • Drinking not possible.

Smart View ONE Usage explanation

1. Drain sand, dust, and dirt on the glass surface cleanly and dry thoroughly.
※ In winter etc, if you turn the heater to defroster and warm up, more effect will be obtained.

2. Remove the cap and paint it on the glass. Please lightly push on the abdomen of the bottle and spread out so as not to leave a paint while letting out the liquid.
※ In the unlikely event that the felt comes off, install it so that it fits into the triangular claw.
※ If you get sand, pebbles etc on the felt as it causes scratches Remove felt and flush it with water and completely dry before using it.
※ Felt can be used on both sides. When it gets dirty, please attach it face down.

3. Wipe up with a dry cotton towel.
※ There is no need to dry.
※ Please use cotton towel for wiping up. If wipe unevenness occurs, please apply the liquid again and wipe it immediately.
※ Please wipe cleaned towel thoroughly.

4. Close the cap.
※ Please close and tightly close both ends of the cap to prevent evaporation until a sound is heard.

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