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COVID19 Antigen Rapid Test Device

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Product Details

TOA Industry One-Piece Pen Type Antigen Inspection Kit made in Japan for peace of mind. Pen style device for improved ease of use and portability. Pen type, so there is no mistakes in retrieval and easy to use. Detection in about 15 minutes after collecting saliva. Resistance is more than 99.4%. Compatible with mutant strains.

Product description

Set Includes: Saliva collector with test paper x 1, Extraction buffer x 1, Drying agent x 1, Instruction manual (English language not guaranteed).

Storage temperature: room temperature (4-30°C).

Effective time: 2 years from manufacturing.

Made in Japan.

How to use

1. Wipe the inside of your mouth with a collector and let it soak in saliva for about 2 minutes.

2. Push firmly until the wavy pattern part (geometric pattern) enters the extraction buffer.

3. Wait about 15 minutes for the colored lines to be taught.


This kit is intended for testing research for mutual research, etc. It is not intended to diagnose diseases or other diseases. This product should not be used for testing the presence or absence of a new Coronavirus infection. If you have symptoms such as fever or other causes the disease of a new Coronavirus infection, please consult a consult center or medical institution.

For those who do not have fever or other symptoms, please visit a medical institution that provides a self-burden test (self-expense test) or receive an inspection for a new Coronavirus infection in an institution that provides self-expense inspection.

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