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Carall Headlight Kusumitori Cleaner

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Product Region: Japan
Contents: 80ml
Handling Time: 1 day

It restores the transparency and vivid color like a new car, when you apply this product on transparent resin parts such as headlights, winkers or car-visors which lost transparency by deterioration after they have been used for a long time.

The effect of Carall Headlight Kusumitori Cleaner makes yellowing transparent resin beautiful.
Furthermore, the effect lasts for more than 12 months, at the same time at brings out high water repellent and prevents deterioration of resin itself.

1. Remove dirt or oil completely in advance. If you use water to do, dry until no water drops remains.

* We recommend masking around the area that you will apply.

2. Wear the protection gloves and shake the bottle well. Afterward, put the liquid on the included sponge and spread it evenly.

3. Spread it evenly again with another clean sponge. Do not use the sponge which you already used.

* Do not touch or wet the car for 24 hours after applying. And the coating film takes 3-4 days to harden completely.

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