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Comtec | Takumi Brand TN AA7 Glass Coat

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3 years gloss, durability, strong water!
A curable bond type that is surprisingly non-uniform.

■ “Strong water” produced by newly developed surface coating
Water drops that cause water spots due to the amazing slipperiness will slide down.
・ Can easily wash off muddy water, scale, bird dung, yellow sand, etc.
・ Protect from small scratches caused by friction with dust.
・ Reduces rust from salt damage caused by snow melting agent, sea breeze, seawater, etc.

■ Excellent "durability" produced by curable bond-type glass coating
"Curing-type bond type" in which the active ingredients of glass are firmly bonded by the optimum blending and bonding method. Newly developed coating structure provides superior durability.

■ Deep “gloss” created by high-density coating
A composite coating formed by blending a number of carefully selected active ingredients in an optimal balance and condensing at a high density increases the reflectivity and gives a deeper gloss and luster.

■ Ingredients
Silane compound / siloxane compound / petroleum solvent
* No compound

In the case of a beautiful car (new car / just after delivery), work is easy!
1.Car wash with the included car wash cloth
Wash off dust and dirt on the body with plenty of water with the included car wash cloth (light blue cloth), then squeeze the car wash cloth firmly and wipe off any water drops completely.
2.Coated with strong sliding glass coating agent
After shaking the solution well, apply 9 drops of the solution to the yellow surface of the included sponge first (see the figure on the right) and apply it to the body. If the liquid becomes faint during application, add 3 drops to the sponge and start work.
Wipe with a cloth for coating
After application, dry for about 15 minutes (5 minutes in summer, 20 minutes in winter) and then wipe off with the included coating cloth (blue cloth).
* For detailed work methods, please read the attached instruction manual carefully before installation.

For non-body use
○ (Although it can be used, sufficient effects may not be obtained)
→ Headlight / Plating part / Plastic part such as visor / Unpainted resin part / Wheel (*)
* When installing on the wheel, do not move the car until it is completely dry (about 4 hours) after installation. Dirt such as brake dust may adhere to the coating surface and may not be removed even after washing the car.
× (Since it cannot be used, wipe it off immediately if it has adhered)
→ Rubber parts such as window glass / window

Maintenance after construction
Use plenty of water for daily care, wash off with the included car wash cloth, squeeze the car wash cloth, and wipe off any water drops.
* Car wash machines can also be used. In that case, please wash the car in water washing mode.

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