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Eikosha Air Spencer Sparkling Squash A57

Sparkling cologne with juicy lemon, lime and orange note
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Sparkling cologne with juicy lemon, lime e and orange note


Eikosha Air Spencer is an automotive air freshener, available with variety of fragrances. This is a solid type air freshener made of ceramic absorbent powder with a long lasting fragrance that could last up to 4 weeks.

Eikosha Air Spencer may be opened from both sides and can be placed anywhere in the car except driving seat for safety issue.

The Air Spencer air freshener is a compact cartridge can equipped with the enticing scent. Its circular shape makes it perfect to place in your car’s cup holder.

100% Genuine Air Spencer product!

How to use:

  • Open the cartridge either from both/one side
  • Place the Eikosha Air Spencer anywhere of your choice inside your car.
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