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Engine Starter Comtec CRS1000

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■ Start the engine from a distance! The interior is always comfortable with the engine starter!
Hot summers are cool and cold winters are warm. Even if the windshield is frozen, you can start off quickly by starting the engine!

■ Toyota / Subaru push start car dedicated engine starter

■ Answer back type that understands that the engine has started!

CAN communication function installed!
When the optional Be-980 “CAN communication adapter” is connected, the vehicle's smart entry function can be used even when idling with this product.
Also, depending on the connected vehicle, even when idling with this product, door lock / door unlock operation with a genuine smart key can be performed, and even if the auto light function of the vehicle is turned on, idling can be done without turning on the headlight It becomes.
* Vehicles that can be installed are limited. Be sure to check the compatibility table on the Comtech website.

Smart key link system adopted!
No spare key required! Immobilizer release adapter unnecessary!
The remote control communicates with a genuine smart key to start the engine. Therefore, there is no need to have a spare key in the car or to install an immobilizer release adapter separately.

Smart start function installed!
Equipped with a smart start function, this product can run without manual restart after engine start.
* Optional option must be installed.

Auto-light control function installed!
Even when the vehicle's autolight function is turned on, the headlight can be turned off at the end of idling and when the engine is stopped to prevent the battery from running out.
* When using the auto light function of the vehicle, when the idling is completed or the engine is stopped, the vehicle that does not turn off the headlight can be connected to the optional Auto Light Wire Be-964 (the wireless door lock wiring kit Be-970 sold separately can also be used) Is required.

● The idling time can be selected from [5 min / 15 min / 30 min / 60 min].
● Longest radio wave reach: 1,000m / Practical communication distance (city area): 250m
* The longest radio wave reach is the highest value measured by our company. (With all antennas extended)
* The flight distance varies depending on the antenna unit installation location and surrounding radio wave conditions.
● In addition to the included remote control, another optional remote control can be added.
● Reliable 3-year warranty (1 year for remote control / excluding consumables such as batteries)...

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