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Hikari Pro Ceramic


Hikari Pro Ceramic HEA001

The new professional ceramic coating for the car body Made in Japan

**If you do love your car why not to protect it from unnecessary scratches and dirt for 5 years?

Quartz (ceramic) coating, creates an inorganic solid film on the surface of the car, provides protection of the car from the action of the external environment and gives a mirror shine and also a water-absorbing effect hardening coating 10 N, valid up to 5 years. The main difference between Hikari PRO new from the competitors is the ability to self-repair and tighten the damage on the body of the car.

Main Properties: incredible hardness (10H) provides increased protection and significantly reduces the possibility of mechanical damage.

  • MAX Protection against chemical attack
  • Shine and DEPTH of the cars color
  • Self-healing function and self-tightening of scratches (up to 50%)
  • Water and dirt repellent effect (the car keeps the cleanliness in ten times longer, in most cases any dirt is easily removed using ordinary water)
  • UV protection protects the paint from fading and burnout.

In order to achieve the best result, when applying the coating, please follow the basic rules:

  1. Wash the car before applying, then wipe and dry the surface of the paint carefully.
  2. Before applying, the car should cool down the body and the hood is cold.
  3. Avoid work in dusty or windy areas.
  4. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

***We will include full instruction for HIKARI PRO in English***

$229.99 In stock
Product Region:Japan
Handling Time:3 days
Hikari Pro Ceramic Hikari Pro Ceramic Hikari Pro Ceramic Hikari Pro Ceramic Hikari Pro Ceramic