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Ichinen Chemicals Cleanview Interior Cleaner

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Product Details

Quick drying and sterilization with higher alcohol content. Remove tobacco, yani, hand oil, oil film. There is a deodorizing effect.

Direction to use:

  • Do not use for applications other than the application
  • When dust is attached to the outside window, please use after washing as it may cause scratches
  • Please shake the container well before use
  • Injection direction Please use after confirming well
  • Please spray this product on a clean cloth clean
  • If the liquid splashes and sticks to aluminum, color wheel and paint etc, please wipe it off immediately with a wet towel Please use the door when opening
  • Please do not use for this leather product, wooden product
  • Depending on the material at the time of use, there is a fear of stain / discoloration, so confirm that there is no problem at the inconspicuous place Please use
  • Please note that the dashboard etc. of the grain processing (matt) in particular may be discolored
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