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ItoEn Oya Oyasara Green Tea

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100% Domestic tea leaves. Enjoyable, full of flavor tea. The new natural fresh recipe excellent in freshness preservation and instantaneous confinement of taste with the original spray dry process. Instant green tea melts instantly with water or hot water. It is a convenient stick type for carrying.

It is a delicious instant green tea that can be easily done just by putting it in hot water. Green tea with umami, blended tasty mellow Matcha, instantly confined the deliciousness by the spray dry recipe. In addition, we added original ingredients dedicated to instant grinding the whole tea leaves, bringing out deeper flavor and vibrant color.

Spray drying is a technique to make tea extract liquid into granules for easy dissolution in water. Eject the green tea extract into a mist and granulate it by instant drying with hot air. This granule is not a tea leaf but rather a green tea made into a liquid once, so melts quickly when it is returned with hot water or water.
HOT and COLD, also in bottle to have it takeaway.

One stick (0.8 g) makes it easy to make tea for a cup of water (100 cc). Because it is easy to dissolve in hot water or cold water, you can enjoy warm green tea in winter and cool tea in summer. Also, you can use it when you go out, such as bringing it in my bottle and holding it as a stick for traveling or accompanying a lunch. Furthermore, because it is a granule, it can be used as a material such as ochazuke and sweets or as a hidden taste.

★ The view of the bottom of a tea cup is the secret of deliciousness
★ Since we add green tea which has crushed whole leaves of tea, powdered tea like powder remains on the bottom of a cup. This powder contains nutritional elements of tea, so please enjoy until the last drop.

It is a good quality domestic tea leaves that underlies the taste of Itoen. "Tea's Itoen" handling about 23% of tea leaves out of Japan's green tea (rough tea) production volume (87,900 tons) * is doing its own efforts to make delicious tea. Over 40 years ago, employees themselves went to the tea market nationwide and built good relationships with tea producers, buying high-quality tea leaves for the deliciousness of Oi tea. As a "tea farming field development project", we undertook two initiatives, "Contract cultivation" which makes tea leaves with tea farmers and two new friends, and "New farmland business" which makes idle farmland etc. a special tea field for "Oi Ocha" It is. In order to deliver the aroma and deliciousness of tea required by ITO EN, it currently spreads to 883 hectares (as of April 2014) and aims to expand to 2,000 hectares in size (about 427 Tokyo Dome) in the future.

※ Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "Heisei 24 Taira Tea Production Volume, Prefectural Total Total" by 2012 Itoen investigation.

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