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KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Liquid

It works effectively and exerts excellent effect!
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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical LIVE LEAF Medicine has shown anti-inflammatory activity and can be used to treat periodontitis, gum disease or stomatitis. It is formulated with four active ingredients that have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. This product is easy to apply and easy to use. It starts working almost instantly.

  • For bleeding, swelling, pain, itching, bad breath, gingival inflammation and alveolar pyorrhea. It has excellent effects on various symptoms and stomatitis.
  • Because it is a liquid type, the four active ingredients are quickly spread to the periodontal pocket, It works effectively and exerts excellent effect.
  • It is a refreshing feeling that soaks into your teeth.

How to use: Saturate a cotton swab with Live Leaf Medicine and apply to the affected areas. Do not reuse the cotton swab.

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