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Kataoka Bass Tsujiro Matcha Milk Sakura Flavor

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Brand: Tsujiro
Product Region: Japan
Contents: 180g
Handling Time: 5 Days

Tsuji Ryu is a long-established store of Uji who will inherit the will of Tsuyoshiemon, the first generation who built the foundation of Uji tea.From the traditional tea to the new tea shapes tailored to the times, we will deliver the pride of the tea ceremony and the taste of commitment. It is spring green tea milk, which fluffy cherry blossoms smell, which contains cherry blossoms in the soft flavor of Uji green tea and milk.

Some History of this fantastic tea :

A long-established store that protects the honor of Uji tea and Japanese tea culture, and now conveys its heart "Tsuji Ri"

Good quality tea production area, Uji that is blessed with rainfall easily prone to fog due to day and night temperature difference. In the land which was the center of Japanese tea culture from ancient times, a long-established tea ceremony "Tsujiro" was born.

In 1860, in the midst of the Edo period, the tea ceremonies of Uji lost the protection of the Tokugawa shogunate and the tea ceremony of Uji was devastating.

"Tsujiro Tsuji" founder, Tsuji Ryuu, who felt like that, devised a highly preserved tea cabinet (canned cupboard), expanded the sales channel of tea, and also made the tea leaves of Gyokuro in a beautiful needle shape Establish "Gyokuro recipe" to make it brilliant. I built the cornerstone of Uji tea reconstruction which is also said to be synonymous with luxury tea.

The history of "Tsuji Ri", which greatly contributed to the improvement of the tea industry, can also be said as the history of Uji rebuilding.
Even now, the aspirations of founding are handed down all the time, and based on Kyoto Uji, we deliver good tea to everyone.

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