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LION NONIO Medicated Toothpaste x2pcs

Triple action for bad breath!
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LION NONIO Medicated Toothpaste

  • Triple action for bad breath. Keep a clear breath.
    1. Cleaning ingredients (Na hydrogen carbonate, Na polyphosphate) disperse the "mass of bacteria" that causes bad breath and make it easier to remove.
    2. The bactericidal component LSS (Lauroyl sarcosine Na) thoroughly sterilizes the bacteria that cause bad breath and prevents the occurrence of bad breath.
    3. Contains breath refreshing ingredients. Reset unpleasant bad breath.
  • Stain off to white teeth
  • Ion cleansing component (Na polyphosphate) floats stains and makes them easier to remove.
  • Refreshing "Clear Herb Mint Flavor"
  1. Clear Herb Mint
  2. Splash Citrus Mint
  3. Purely Mint
  4. Spicy Mint
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