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Mercedes Benz Air Spencer Aroma Driving Hinoki Comfort

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Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Product Region: Japan
Contents: Diffuser × 1, Essential Oil (5 ml) × 1, Pad × 1
Handling Time: 1 day

Genuine Mercedes Benz Aroma Driving Fragrance!

Just by inserting it in a cigar socket, "Aroma Driving" bottle refilling the interior of the car with a refreshing fragrance.
100% Naturally derived essential oil blended originally for the Mercedes-Benz Collection.

Choose your type of scent from 5 great natural scents :

  • White grapefruit scent: citrus type. When I want to switch my mind brightly and cheerfully. Recommended for spring and summer.
  • Prime rose scent: elegant rose system. With an elegant scent, when you want to relax. Recommended for women.
  • Oriental citrus scent: A rich flower such as Ylang Ylang smells in lemon grass. Relaxing at the Asian resort, even in the car.
  • Hinoki Comfort aroma: a blend of weighty hinoki and lush green. Feel the tradition and innovation, the scent giving the impression of Europe.
  • NEW! Scent of European mint: The scent of mint where the head clears. Sharp and sporty, recommended for summer and men.

Full set includes:
Diffuser × 1, Essential Oil (5 mL) × 1, Pad × 1

Refill set includes:
Essential oil (10 mL) × 1, Pad × 1
* When using, a special diffuser is required.

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