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NIHON MEDICAL LAB Bio Appatite Whitening Tooth Powder

Whitening Polishing Powder Toothpaste
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Product Details

NIHON MEDICAL LAB Bio Appatite Whitening Tooth Powder

Product description

Whitening toothpaste containing 99% of bioapatite, a whitening ingredient. Other than apatite, it contains only menthol, so it works directly on the yellowing of teeth.


Whitens teeth. Remove the tooth tar. Remove plaque. Prevents tartar deposits. Prevent bad breath. Prevent tooth decay. Cleanse the mouth. Hypersensitivity.

Efficacy for periodontal disease

Although it does not contain ingredients that are effective for periodontal disease, plaque can be removed and prevention of periodontal disease can be achieved by carefully brushing with Medical White. When using toothpaste for periodontal disease together, it is better to use it after brushing with Medical White.

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