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ORIHIRO Dokudami Tea

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"Orihiro Tokudoku Dakudami Tea 3g * 60 Packets" is a fragrant and easy-to-drink dakudami tea. Using only dry dough leaves, the unique bitterness was suppressed by full-fledged roasting, making it easy to drink. A tea bag type that can be used for both water and boiled water. Please use it for beauty and health maintenance.

How to eat

● When using a teapot: Put a tea bag in a warm teapot, pour boiling water, and immediately discard hot water. Then pour boiling water, 30-60 seconds for the first roast, and after a little time after the second roast, enjoy at the desired thickness.

● If you use it to boil If you want to boil, put one tea bag in about 1L of boiling water and boil over low heat for about 2-3 minutes. When a moderate color and good scent come out, turn off the heat and keep it warm in a pot or cool it down in a refrigerator. Adjust the cooking time according to your taste and color.
* Do not leave the place as it may spill over.

● If you use the water, put two tea bags in 1L of cold water, and about 2 hours (adjust according to your preference), you can make delicious iced tea. Cool in the refrigerator and enjoy.
* Please take out the tea bag when cooling for a long time.

Notes on use

● Please refrain from reusing tea bags once used.

● After boiling, if you leave the tea bag as it is, bitterness may appear, so be sure to remove it and transfer it to a pot.

● As this product uses natural materials as raw materials, there are differences in flavor and color depending on the product, but there is no problem with quality.

● In rare cases, it may not suit your constitution. If you do not feel well, please discontinue use.

Precautions for storage

● Avoid discoloration, deterioration, etc. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool place.

● Boiled tea may deteriorate if left at room temperature, so be sure to keep it warm in a pot or cool it in a refrigerator and save it within 24 hours.

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