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ORIHIRO Ekokogi grain 100g

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"Orihiro Eleuthero 100g" is a health supplement that contains an extract that is approximately 27 times concentrated after carefully drying the roots of Eleuthero. Contains 100mg per 10 grains, contains 2.7g of Eleuthero. For those who want to enjoy sports and those who are worried about stress, please use it for daily health maintenance.

How to eat

● As a food that helps maintain your health, about 8 to 12 tablets per day, divide it into several meals, etc., and enjoy it with water or hot water.

● Customers who use for the first time, please enjoy from a small amount. Precautions for storage

● Discoloration, there is a risk of deterioration, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, please save in a cool place.

● After opening, tighten the lid tightly and save it in the outer box.

● Keep out of reach of children.

Precautions for use

● In rare cases, it may not suit your constitution. If you do not feel well, please discontinue use temporarily.

● If you are under treatment for illness, please consult your doctor before eating.

● Please refrain from using for young children. How to Save Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity, please save in a cool place.

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