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Orienex High-end Wooden Brown Comb

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The waterdrop-shaped comb teeth are painless non-damaging and the wooden handle fits very well in the handd.

Material: Green sandalwood (Mandarin);

Weight: 67g (-5g)

Size: Length: 18.5cm Comb width: 4.5cm Handle thickness: 1.5cm

Naturally friendly natural ebony wood It is made of and has a refreshing fragrance, so it is comfortable to use. At first it is yellowish brown, but when it is used, it becomes darker and changes to a greenish color over time. Due to exposure to sunlight and air, it eventually becomes fresh green.

Protects hair and also has an anti-static effect.

Natural wood combs are less prone to static electricity, and are gentle on the hair and fit very well into your hands. Use this hair comb to massage the scalp and nerves and improve blood flow.

Since it is 100% natural, you can use the comb every morning and evening to prevent static electricity.

Made from 100% natural wood, handcrafted and durable. It is difficult to deform and collapse.

* Caution: Impact caused by dropping may cause damage to the wooden comb and cause cracks. Do not drop the product from high places or hit it against hard objects (concrete, floor).

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