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Orienex Round Wooden Hair Brush

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Orienex Hairbrush Wooden Comb

Orienex hairbrushes are made of wood and are comfortable to use and soft to stimulate, so you can care for your hair without damaging your scalp.

By brushing with a brush made of carbonized bamboo, you can massage the scalp efficiently. Every time the natural oil contained in bamboo melts, it spreads throughout the hair, giving it a natural luster

If you massage your scalp to improve blood flow, you can get beautiful hair naturally. Therefore, we would like to recommend the Orienex hairbrush.

If you feel that your hair is getting thinner or if you want to improve your scalp environment, give this hairbrush as a gift tor yorself!

Materials: Carbonized Bamboo (handle), natural rubber, boar bristles.

Length: 8.7 inches (22 cm).

Width: 2.6 inches (6.5 cm).

Uses round pins which are gentle on your scalp and won't hurt your skin. Also works to remove dirt from your hair and scalp and improve blood circulation. Recommended for both hair care and scalp health.

Durable and long lasting. Includes a hole for venting air, which balances the air pressure between the inside and outside of the brush, making it bouncier for better scalp care.

It is a very soft hairbrush with a thin bristle, so it is recommended for those who like gentle brushing.

This product, which has no useless decoration and can be recommended regardless of gender or age, is highly applied as a gift.

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