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Pearl White Pro EX Plus Medicinal Whitening Toothpaste

Removes 90% of dirt in a short time!
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Product Details

Pearl White Pro EX Plus Medicinal Whitening Toothpaste

Product description

  • Removes 90% of dirt in a short time!

Medicinal Pearl White Pro EX Plus contains "Na metaphosphate", "Na polyphosphate" and "DL-malic acid", which are effective ingredients for tooth bleaching. It has been confirmed that even teeth that have been stained for several years can be bleached by immersing them in the liquid for a short period of time to remove 90% of the stains.

  • Repel yellowing of teeth!

Three powerful acids remove stubborn yellowing!of tea, coffee and tobacco.

  • Because it contains medicated IPMP ingredients, your gums will be healthy!

The IPMP component has the effect of killing periodontal disease bacteria. By keeping your gums healthy, you can improve the oral environment and make your teeth shine more beautifully.

  • No abrasives used!

No abrasives are used to sharpen teeth. You don't have to worry about your teeth being scraped even if you use it for a long time, so you can feel whitening with confidence.

How to use

  1. Take the liquid with a dropper and drop a few drops on the toothbrush.
  2. Brush your teeth one by one, then rinse your mouth thoroughly.

In addition to whitening, tooth decay prevention, tooth yellowing, tar removal, bad breath removal, plaque removal!

Easy at home! It's much cheaper than treating with a dentist!

Contents: 30g

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