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Philips Breeze Mask Electric Fan, Black

Easy to breathe!
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Philips Breeze Mask FY086/00, Black, Electric Fan, High Performance, Pollen Compatible, Sports Mask, acm066/01 & Breeze Mask, Mask Filter, Highly Functional

Style: Adult

  • High-power electric fan that emits 10.2 gal (41 L) of air per minute provides fresh air to the inside of the mask to reduce discomfort such as stuffiness and breathing in the mask
  • Protection from Pollen and Bacteria: This mask comes with an electric fan to help you with a variety of troubles caused by the masks of the pollen season. / High performance non-woven filter helps start pollen and blocks viruses and bacteria and PM2.5
Functional Design

The 3D design prevents the mask from sticking to your mouth, reducing the need for make-up or runny nose. / Moisture resistant construction reduces fogging of glasses. / Designed to effectively disperse pressure on nose, cheek and ears If you feel weight or ear pain, adjust the elastic cord to reduce the weight

Precautions for Use:

  • Test results show that the amount of splash in house testing environments are not the same as regular cloth masks
  • However, due to the exhaust of the fan is also assumed to be anxiety to people around you, so we do not recommend using electric fan functions indoors or in a three-section environment
  • If you are sweaty in hot weather, just replace the filter inside and clean the mask cover, and you will always be fresh

Country of Origin: China

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