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Phiten Rakuwa Mirror Ball Gold Limited Edition 45cm

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“ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE GEAR” is a fusion of the highest performance performance and design. Simple and slender design that is easy to wear for both men and women. Regardless of the fashion and scene, compatibility with other accessories is also OK. [FUNCTION] ・ Easy to attach and remove fasteners with the power of a one-touch removable magnet. [DESIGN]-Simple design that can be worn casually Adopts a thin string that is easy to wear for women. A simple design that works well with other accessories, regardless of fashion or scene. -Pure titanium mirror ball clasp uses spherical pure titanium polished like a mirror with "mirror finish". Laser engraved Phiten logo. [POWER]-Adopting the highest level of impregnation concentration "X100" Adopting "X100" that impregnates "Aqua Titanium" at about 100 times the normal concentration in the string part.

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