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Phiten Rakuwa X100

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Fusion of the highest performance performance and design Phiten's body care items are now standard items that anyone can easily reach, from the general public to top athletes Became a favorite. On the other hand, from top athletes and people who are active in each field such as business scenes, `` While maintaining performance performance, it has a higher design that can be worn in business scenes and casual scenes. There was a growing demand for high-end products. The answer to that is the Rakuwa design that has been polished without compromise and the X100 technology that raises the impregnation concentration of Aqua Titanium to the top class.

The top part made of "stainless steel" attracted by "two textures" expresses two expressions of "matte" and "mirror" by polishing the surface part. There is a feeling of weight, one point of the chest.

Triple pin specification made of stainless steel. Maintains smooth attachment and detachment with excellent durability. Easy to attach and detach by pulling left and right.

“66 Nylon” is used for the neck part of the hard impression using unmatched “tough” fibers. Maintains the same strength as Ballistic Nylon, which is used as a material for bulletproof vests. Excellent durability. The string part employs the highest impregnation concentration "X100" impregnated with aqua titanium at about 100 times the normal concentration.

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