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ROHTO Alguard Clear

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Rohto Alguard are eye drops that calm the symptoms of pollen and house dust allergies. The active ingredients are chlorpheniramine maleate, which reduces itchiness of the eyes, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, which has anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory effects, and tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, which removes redness. They are free from preservatives. The drops feel refreshing and cool. They cannot be used when wearing soft contact lenses.

Treats: Itchy eyes, conjunctival hyperemia (extra blood in the eyes caused by conjunctivitis), blepharitis (soreness of eyelids), bleary eyes (such as due to an increase in eye mucus), prevention of eye diseases (after swimming, or when dust or sweat gets in the eyes), ophthalmia due to ultraviolet rays and other light rays (such as snownblindness), tired eyes, discomfort when wearing hard contact lenses.

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