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ROHTO V Active Premium Eye Drops

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As we approach old age, we feel a gradual deterioration in the functioning of our eyes, such as a decrease in the focus of the eye and a weakening of the lacrimal glands, which leads to dry eyes. Under such circumstances, excessive eye strain leads to an increased risk of acquiring eye problems such as eye fatigue and blurred vision.

New Rohto V Active Eye Drops support the eyes of the active senior

generation! As our eyes age, our needs change with it. Rohto V Active

contains the maximum concentration of active ingredients allowed for

standard use OTC eye drops work together to restore moisture and improve

tired, aging eyes by supplementing your natural tear fluid. Anti-itch

ingredients are also formulated in, suppressing itchiness and

inflammation. The combination of sesame oil and refreshing agents give

you a refreshing boost of energy and healing. Consists of: Panthenol,

taurine, vitamin B6, and sodium chondroitin sulfate ester.

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