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ROHTO V Premium Eye Drops

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Brand: Rohto
Product Region: Japan
Contents: 15ml
Handling Time: 5 Days

Rohto V Premium Eye Drops contain the maximum range of ingredients among Rohto products. They are designed to solve 3 main groups of problems that people face in our time who work in offices with equipment, a group of people over 40 years old with age changes, drivers, workers and other categories whose eyes are exposed to stress or the effects of an unhealthy environment with excessive dustiness. low humidity, etc.

The removal of discomfort in the form of irritation symptoms, itching, redness of the eyes is an important requirement of modern people to give their eyes a healthy and happy appearance, free from any kind of inflammation. For this, four more valuable components in the best way facilitate and protect against the above-mentioned problems. These are Chlorpheniramine meleate, Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride and Dicalium glycyrrhizinate.

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