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S-Heart-S Scalp Brush Pet

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S-Heart-S Scalp Brush Pet, originally from Japan, Osaka

The comb will make your pet's coat beautiful and shiny, cleanse the skin and eliminate unpleasant odors.
Using a comb also promotes relaxation and stress relief, and provides the necessary physical contact - this is a great way to communicate with your pet.
You can use the comb while bathing with shampoo to better remove dirt and sebum and enhance the relaxing effect.
Effects of using a pet brush:
1. Cleans pores from dirt and sebum When used with shampoo, the coat becomes shiny and beautiful.
2. Relaxes and reduces stress. Your stress is partially projected onto cats and dogs, so it's important to mitigate the effects of stress at the right time. Studies have shown that cats and dogs fall asleep in a good mood after brushing.
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