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SUNSTAR Ora2 Premium Stain Clear Toothpaste x2pcs

Effectively whitens teeth
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SUNSTAR Ora2 Premium Stain Clear Toothpaste

High-grade stain care for white, shiny and beautiful teeth

With a higher-grade stain care, it not only removes stains (colored stains) more finely than before, but also makes the teeth surface white and glossy by carefully polishing the tooth surface.


  1. Shiny white ingredient (cleaning aid), together with cleaning agent, removes stains (colored stains) finely and polishes the tooth surface carefully to make white glossy teeth.
  2. Contains vitamin E.
  3. You can feel the feeling of sticking, such as the crisp particles that you feel in your mouth, and the gloss of the toothpaste that sparkles in pearl white.
  4. It is a premium flavor that makes you feel the quality of adults with a particular focus on the ingredients.
  • Shiny Citrus Mint flavor that is freshly repelled with a balanced mix of four carefully selected Mediterranean citrus.
  • Premium mint flavor with a refreshing quality fragrance.
  • Aromatic mint flavor with a pleasant and relaxing scent.
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