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Silky Sugoi Hand Saw 360 mm

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Silky Sugoi Hand Saw 360 mm

Product Description

570 mm × 165 mm × 45 mm when stored, 555 mm × 140 mm × 30 mm when used
Blade crossing 360 mm, 6.5 mesh/30 mm, cutting width 1.75 mm, weight 655 g

Synonymous with Silky Large Curve Saw Series

By inserting the blade inside the handle, the force is transmitted more directly

Unlike a straight blade saw, the curved blade bites naturally, so you can cut it surprisingly easily just by pulling it down

The curved saw can be comfortably pruned at various places, such as when the scaffold is unstable or when working above the shoulders.

The mirror surface is polished and the cut surface is finished very cleanly.

Since we have made a special setting for our original future eye, you can smoothly cut vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Since it is not impact hardened, it can be re-dressed as usual.

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