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Soft99 Bumper Clay Putty Dark


Soft99 Bumper Clay Putty Dark SCP142

You can do “hard to do” repairs on the bumper by shaping the clay freely with your hands.

Directions to use

1. Remove dust or dirt from the surface. We recommend you to use sandpaper to make the putty adhere firmly to the surface.

2. Wear the included gloves and cut into the same amount of the Main agent and the Hardener, and then mix them up.

3. Fill in the dent or hole with the putty while pressing firmly. Finish up with Waterproof Abrasive Paper and Body Paint (both sold separately).

$7.99 In stock
Product Region:Japan
Contents:Putty: 7.5g Hardener: 7.5g
Handling Time:5 days
Soft99 Bumper Clay Putty Dark