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Soft99 Carbon Fibre Putty 80g

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Polyester resin made putty combines carbon fiber which is superior to light weight, strength and vibration resistance. Compare with conventional, we improve approx 20% lighter and deforming resistance. This fills iron, FRP and resin hole and cracking. Also improves efficient work and easy to polish.

Directions to use

1. Rub on the area being repaired with the 150-grit sandpaper; afterwards use silicone off to remove dirt and oil.

2. Take out a moderate amount of the putty, and mix it well with hardener.

3. Apply the mixed putty on the area being repaired with the included spatula while filling in the scratch.

4. After it hardens (for about 1hour), make the surface smooth with the 320-grit sandpaper.

5. Finish up with Atelier 99 Polyester Body Putty (sold separately) and Atelier 99 Body Paint (sold separately).

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