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Soft99 Roof One Glass Roof Cleaner&Coat

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This car cleaner and coating agent has been especially developed for use on the glass for sunroofs.

The glass cleaner will get rid of scaly spots which conventional oil-film removers or compounds cannot.

In addition to this, the coating agent has both incredible anti-fouling and water repellency which keep your car in good condition for up to 6 months.

A pad for the cleaner and a sponge for the coating agents are included.

Directions to use:

* Remove dirt in advance.

1. Shake the bottle of "Base Cleaner" and put the liquid on the included cloth. Make sure the dirt on the parts are fading away when polishing.

2. Wipe it off with the clean side of the cloth

3. Shake the bottle of "Hard Top Coat", put the liquid on the included sponge and then spread it evenly.

4. Spread it evenly again to fade unevenness with the opposite side of the sponge after drying for about 1 minute.

* The coating film takes 3-4 days to harden completely. Do not touch or wet the car for 24 hours after applying.

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