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Soft99 Nano Hard Plastic Coat

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By just applying on the whitening or color fading resin parts, it creates transparent glassy "Nano crystal coating" and ultimate shine lasts more than 6 months. You can use it on heated parts such as car or motorcycle's engine cover and silencer. Moreover, it is compatible with unpainted resin parts on car, motorcycle, home electric appliances and even office chair!

Directions to use

1. Remove dirt or oil completely in advance. If you use water to do, dry until no water drops remains.

2. Take the liquid on the black side of included sponge and spread it evenly.

* Do not use the sponge which you already used.

3. Dry for 5 min, wipe off evenly with a dry clean towel.

* Do not touch or wet the car for 24 hours after applying. The coating takes 3-4 days to harden completely.

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