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Tokyo Olympic Kaikentou Sword with Stand

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Brand: Tokyo Olympics 2020
Product Region: Japan
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Seki, Gifu is famous for its cutlery. These are fine items that allows

you to feel Japan's history that has inherited its culture and

traditions going back to the Kamakura period (1185-1333).

By way of the hands of a swordsmith who will not damage the charm

inherent to Japanese swords, they are faithfully and reproduced in a

compact size. You can also enjoy them aesthetically.

*The actual color or feel of the material may be different from the actual color, so please be aware of that beforehand.

*So as to admire them, they do not have a sharp edge, but be carefully when touching the swords.

*To take care of the blade, wipe it with a dry cloth.

Materials: [Blade] Zinc alloy, [Scabbard] Magnolia tree, urethane paint [Tools] Zinc alloy

Size: W 47 cm x H 13.2 cm x D 8.5 cm

Country of Manufacture: Japan

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