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ZERIA Prevaline® α Cream

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ZERIA Prevaline® α Cream

Product introduction

Prevaline α Cool Cream is an antidrug that has an excellent effect on eczema and dermatitis. Ip steroids.
Skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, and rash are common, but if itching or redness is strong,
They may unknowingly squash and exacerbate the symptoms.
Prevalin α Cool Cream is effective for steroids that suppress such inflammation.
A creamy skin disease with a non-greasy, comfortable feeling that contains ingredients that effectively suppress. It is a drug for treating patients.
A cool cream with a freshening agent (l-menthol).

About Ante Drug:

In the affected area on the skin surface, it acts as a steroid with a high anti-inflammatory effect and is absorbed into the body.
It is a drug that is broken down and weakens its action.
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