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ZERIA Vitamin C

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ZERIA Vitamin C

Product introduction

○ Contains 300mg of natural vitamin E and 2000mg of vitamin C
Adds vitamins B2 and B6 to help the action of vitamins E and C, and suppresses acidity.
○ Reduces pigmentation due to spots, freckles, sunburn and rash (mainly vitamin C and B2)
○ Melanin pigment (stain Cause) and increase skin metabolism, alleviate pigmentation (this is the function of B6) .
○ Prevents increase of lipid peroxide and promote blood circulation (mainly function of vitamin E, C, B2)
○ Prevents the increase of lipid peroxide, which is attracting attention as a cause of aging, and prevents the action of capillaries.
○ Improves sensation and symptoms of impaired circulation at the peripheral level (shoulder and neck streaks, numbness of limbs, relieve cold).
○ Convenient to carry with stick packaging for refreshing use.

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